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Special characters on your Dashboard

The Symbol Caddy Dashboard Widget comes in real handy when you're looking for a special character and don't want to bother with difficult keyboard combinations.

It offers up html and keyboard modes and features a wide range of special characters, such as mathematical signs, copyright symbols or letters with diacritical marks.

Characters can be copied to clipboard to use in any text editor. The name of a chosen symbol will also appear at the bottom of the interface.

Symbol Caddy becomes very useful once you get used to it.

To me it has definitely replaced the keyboard viewer to add in special characters on my Mac. Although you can't change the font size, making it difficult to see some characters, Symbol Caddy is well presented in a clean and organized widget window.

The Symbol Caddy Dashboard widget keeps a bunch of common special characters at your fingertips. Keyboard mode copies the special character and HTML mode copies the HTML entity code.


  • Large choice of characters
  • Keyboard and html code


  • Can't increase font size


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Symbol Caddy


Symbol Caddy 2.0 for Mac


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